Padasan, A Local Wisdom That Becomes the New Normal During a Pandemic

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Making Jamu the Downstream of the Indonesian Spice Industry

Jamu in Indonesia, which is the nation’s cultural wealth, has now grown into a large strategic industry and has high ...[More]

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Herbatic Healthy & Vegetarian-Friendly Jamu Ice Cream

It was Elok Pawening Maharani, Sari Yuslia, Arif Sugianto, Anisa Dian Safitri, and Aryo Dwi Nugroho, students of the Faculty ...[More]

A Visit to Kampung Jamu Kiringan: An Awesome Tour Package You Should Try

Kampung jamu (The herbal medicine village), Dusun Kiringan, Canden Village, Jetis District, Bantul, Yogyakarta Special Region (DIY), is arguably a ...[More]

The Twists and Turns of Budi Yuwono’s Struggle to Bring Sinde to the World

Who doesn’t know the Larutan Penyegar Cap Badak? The traditional drink, which helps relieve heatiness and dry throat, is one ...[More]

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These Are 3 Scientifically Proven Benefits of Pala 

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These Are the Reasons Why the Dutch colonizers Loved & Researched Jamu from Indonesia

Jamu has existed in the life of the Indonesian people since ancient times. Various evidence of artifacts and stories passed ...[More]

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Kampung Wonolopo: Its Success Story with Jamu Gendong

Kampung Jamu Gendong Wonolopo is located in Sumber Sari Hamlet, Wonolopo Village, Mijen District. The village, which is included in ...[More]

Let’s Learn the Herbs Production at Kampoeng Djamoe Organic

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A Short History & the Development of Kampung Jamu Nguter Sukoharjo

Kampung Jamu Nguter, Sukoharjo is a kecamatan (sub-district) whose majority of the population works as herbalists, whether cultivating raw materials, ...[More]