The Story of Irwan Hidayat, the Owner of Sido Muncul Who Was Once Considered as an NGO Manager

Irwan Hidayat, 74 (as of September 2021), who serves as President Director of PT Industri Jamu and Farmasi Sido Muncul ...[More]

Learning the Success Key of How Jamu Jago Survives and Keeps Growing in More Than a Century

Everything big and famous must have started from something small and ordinary. The phrase is perhaps suitable for Jamu Jago, ...[More]

- 01 Oct, 2021

A Note on Mrs. Mooryati Soedibyo’s Struggle to Globalize Jamu Products

Mooryati Soedibyo is known as a culturalist, once a politician, and the successful businessman behind the name Mustika Ratu.  Starting ...[More]

- 24 Sep, 2021

‘Kitab’ Mustikarasa Indonesia Real Evidence of Soekarno’s Seriousness in Working on the Indonesian Food Sector

Mustikarasa is the most complete collection of Indonesian recipes from Sabang to Merauke inherited from President Soekarno. The book, which ...[More]

It’s Ibu Inggit’s Jamu That Boosted Bung Karno’s Stamina!

Not many people know that jamu played a big role in the story of Bung Karno’s struggle for Indonesia. So ...[More]

#, #, #, #, # - 12 Nov, 2020

Mevrouw Jans, A Dutch Indies Lady Who Introduced the Archiple’s Jamu to the World

Mevrouw Jans’ full name is Johanna Maria Carolina Versteegh. She was born in Sukomangli, May 16, 1862. Her father was ...[More]

- 12 Oct, 2020

Jamu Wellness Culture in Indonesia

1.1 Names of the Element Jamu has other names in various regions in Indonesia. In some areas on the island ...[More]

Herb Cookies, Healthy Snacks for Eid

Indonesian spices, apart from being made into drinks/herbs or processed as a mixture of dishes, can also be processed into ...[More]

A Note from the Legend: From the Brokenhearted to Cultivating Empathy

Who doesn’t know Didi Kempot? This music star whose real name is Didi Prasetyo started his career from scratch as ...[More]

#, #, # - 30 Mar, 2020

Together in Unity and Solidarity, Indonesia Against Corona

This afternoon I have ‘official duty’ to pick up my mother from school. Understandably, a teacher has a schedule to ...[More]