Residents of Kampung Jagalan DIY Distribute Free Hundreds of Jamu for Body Immune

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Qinghaosu, The Most Effective Malaria Medicine from the Ancient Books of Traditional Medicine

In the 1950s and 1970s the world was facing an epidemic of malaria. The assumption ...[More]

The Association of Jamu Gendong Kartini, Initiating Innovation for Mutual Progress

The sentra jamu (jamu center) in Karangrejo Village, Kromengan District, Malang Regency, East Java should ...[More]


A Visit to Kampung Jamu Kiringan: An Awesome Tour Package You Should Try

14 Mar, 2022

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The Twists and Turns of Budi Yuwono’s Struggle to Bring Sinde to the World

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Get to Know Pala, the Star of Spices from Banda

01 Dec, 2021

On July 31, 1667, in the City of Breda, the ...[More]

Kampung Wonolopo: Its Success Story with Jamu Gendong

24 Nov, 2021

Kampung Jamu Gendong Wonolopo is located in Sumber Sari Hamlet, ...[More]

4 Jahe Merah Drinks to Boost Immunity During Pandemic

29 Oct, 2021

Jahe itself has three varieties, but jahe merah is considered ...[More]

Pijat Urut: A Long-tested Massage Therapy for You to Try

18 Dec, 2020

Once the firm fingers touch the acupoints on your body, ...[More]

Tahok: A Soybean pudding and Ginger Soup for a Heartwarming Breakfast

15 Oct, 2020

Food is not just stuff we need to satisfy our ...[More]

Scientific Jamu for Hemorrhoids

22 Jun, 2020

Some people still consider hemorrhoids as a “mild” disease. But, ...[More]

Katuk Plant Series (1): A Brief Introduction

30 May, 2020

Katuk (Sauropus androgynus L.) is a member of the Euphorbiaceae ...[More]

Not Many People Know, Here Are 7+ Interesting Facts from Jamu Gendong

10 May, 2020

Jamu Gendong is the same as other jamu. The difference ...[More]

Jamu Gendong: The Beginning

10 May, 2020

We find general jamu gendong peddlers in villages to urban ...[More]

Tracing Back the History of Jamu

10 May, 2020

The origin and development of jamu is not fully known ...[More]

Bir Plethok, a Resistance Beer from Betawi

10 Feb, 2020

The history of bir pletok is told by JJ Rizal, ...[More]


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To Know the Physical Characteristics of Kencur Plants

A way to distinguish rhizomes of kencur/aromatic ginger (Kaempferia galangal) from other types of rhizomes is from the aroma. Kencur ...[More]

Daun Binahong to Reduce Swelling in Your Feet

The benefits of binahong/Madeira-vine (Anredera cordifolia) as a medicinal plant have been proven over time. Daun binahong (binahong leaves) contain ...[More]

#, #, #, #, # - 12 Nov, 2019

Jamu Sinom, Fresh and Full of Benefits

Sometimes jamu sinom is not only made from those two ingredients. Jamu sinom can also be mixed with turmeric, temulawak/Java ...[More]

#, #, #, # - 20 Feb, 2020

It’s True, Binahong Leaves to Get Rid of Herpes!

Herpes, local Javanese people call it dompo, is an inflammatory disease on the surface of the skin. This disease is ...[More]

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A Recipe for Jamu Cabe Puyang

Most of the people think that the jamu cabe puyang is made from chilies. It is true that this jamu ...[More]

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Jamu Galian Singset (1): Jamu Galian Singset for a Healthy Slim Body

Jamu galian singset is not only good for maintaining your body shape. This jamu can also get rid of various ...[More]

Serai Dapur and Serai Wangi, Similar but Not the Same

Dear Jamupedia friends, have you ever heard the name serai wangi (fragrant lemongrass) and serai dapur (kitchen lemongrass)? Yes, these ...[More]

#, #, #, # - 29 Oct, 2019

Practical Tips to Store Your Herbal Ingredients

Herbal ingredients can be in the form of spices such as turmeric, galangal, kencur (aromatic ginger, Kaempferia galangal), kunci (finger ...[More]

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A Simple Herb for Fever with Dadap Serep

Fever is a condition when the body temperature increases above normal temperature. Fever leads the body to feel weak, headaches, ...[More]


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Biji Asam for Insect Bites

Almost all of us ever suffer from insect bites. The results vary, from itching, swelling, heat, tingling, to pain in ...[More]

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Simbar Pedang to Get Rid of Itchy Skin

Itching is unavoidable and can kappen at any time. However, that doesn’t mean it can’t be treated. Generally, you treat ...[More]

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Jamu Galian Singset part (6): Galian Singset A la Keraton!

A recipe for jamu galian singset a la puteri keraton (palace’s princess) is written in the book Pengobatan Tradisional dengan ...[More]

#, #, #, # - 20 Nov, 2019

Jamu Galian Singset (7): 11 Ingredients of Jamu Galian Singset

  The following are Nusantara spices known for their wholesome properties for jamu galian singset ingredients: Tamarind. Tamarind contains hydroxy ...[More]

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Jamu Galian Singset (5): Natural Ingredients Trio for a Slim Body

Jamu galian singset maintain your body’ shapes by removing excess fat in the body. You can also make jamu galian ...[More]

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Jamu Galian Singset (4): Other than Galian Singset, there is also a Galian Putri!

Jamu galian singset is keeping the body fit, slim and ideal. While jamu galian putri helps to maintain a healthy ...[More]

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Jamu Galian Singset (3): The Eleven Women's Favorite Spices

Although it can be consumed by all, including children and men, this jamu galian singset is mostly drunk by women ...[More]

#, #, #, #, # - 20 Nov, 2019

Jamu Galian Singset (2): 7 Handy Herb Ingredients to Stay Slim!

In book 38 Racikan Jamu Nikmat Sehat Warisan Nenek Moyang (38 delicious-wholesome jamu of ancestral inheritance), our elders mentioned a ...[More]